Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Framing

Mounts (Mats)

What is a Mount (Mat)?

What type of Mount should I use?

What about Fabric or Silk Mounts?

What is Dry Mounting and when should it be used?

What does 'Floating' your art mean?

What is Preservation / Conservation Framing and why protect my art from UV light?

Do you do Conservation Framing?

General Questions

What are different items that can be framed

Why is my paper art rippling? What can be done about it?can be done about it?

Why is the back of the frame sealed?

My large painting won't fit in my car. Can you pick it up and then deliver it when it's ready?

Do you accept Credit / Debit Cards?

Online Framing

What is Online Framing?

Can I upload a photo I received on WhatsApp?

What if I am not happy with the quality of the printing?

What if I want a Double Mount?

Im not sure what colour Mount I should use?

Why do the colours of the mounts look slightly different on my phone compared to my computer screen?

Can I return my order if I don't like it?

I live in Mumbai, Can I pick up my order instead of it being shipped?