Chemould offers imported wooden frame options from Italy, Spain, Malaysia as well as a few simple profiles made locally. Besides complementing your art, the frame choice should be strong enough for the size and weight of the art and our choice of over 500 profiles give a multitude of options. All our wood frames are seasoned and treated and many of them hand finished whilst our aluminum frames give a modern, artistic and contemporary look with immaculate finishes in silver, gold, black and copper.


In framing, the materials that directly contact your art are of the greatest importance. Using non-archival (acidic) or inappropriate materials to adhere or support artwork can result in unnecessary damage, requiring costly conservation treatments.



Since Art is now a precious & expensive commodity, proper care and preservation is most essential. Cotton Mounts (Rag Mats) are the most natural choice when highest levels of conservation are required for display and preservation of artwork.   We can supply you some known & established brands of Rag Mats and Acid-Free mounts. 


A mat is a border, usually made from mat board, placed around the artwork. The purpose of the mat is to draw the eye into the picture. By altering the colours in the mats, we can make the colours in the art stand out.

Mats are also used to provide a spacer or separation between the artwork and the frame or glass. If the glass comes into contact with the art, there could be a risk of damage to the artwork. This damage may come in the form of mold, or the artwork adhering to the under side of the glass.   Here are some examples of how mats can enhance the viewing of artwork.



TRU VIEW's Image Clear Museum Glass is the highest quality anti-reflective picture framing glass available in the industry. It protects against harmful light rays and has the highest light transmission along with the lowest reflection rating of any other glass product. The result is consistent, durable quality and an almost invisible glass.

For ordinary framing we use good quality clear glass made by Modi Float or St Gobain, both which are locally available in India. Ordinary non reflecting glass is also available and which normally needs to be placed flat atop an art work. However, local non-reflecting glass distorts a bit when kept away from an artwork / picture or if used with a mount (mat). 





We have qualified restorers we use for any of the above needs for your oil paintings, water colors or paper work.